Every business is unique, comprised of real people who bring their gifts and personality to what they do. My motivation is to identify your organization's distinct gifts and personality quirks, and help those positive elements shine.

I specialize in branding small businesses:  

crafting logos and verbal identities, producing mobile/tablet/desktop friendly websites with photography that speaks to your brand values, and creating useful and striking print materials that you can use to communicate with potential clients/customers. Take a look below at some of the project spreads I've created for local businesses and notice how different each business' personality is! Read on to learn more about branding...  


The Buzz on Branding 

People seek a feeling of connection with the businesses and organizations they interact with -- it's simply a human thing. With the variety of options available in nearly every field, defining yours from the rest makes all the difference for consumers, clients, and donors when deciding who to choose. Brand has become an essential part of how the public identifies with the products, services, and people of an organization. Think of it as the personality of your business. How does your organization articulate that personality? 

With the aid of good design, your clients can see and feel what your business has to offer, before even meeting you! That's powerful promotion. And that's what I do.

Branding with me

We will sit down together and talk about your business. I've got a thorough list of questions. Then I take the work from there, and build something beautiful and functional for you. 

Branding with me includes a full Brand Strategy Report which spells out your audience, competition, market placement; your verbal brand including brand story, brand voice, core values, and brand messaging; and of course, your visual brand made up of the logo, color schemes, visual tone, and fonts. Defining your business' brand in this robust way will help you to understand your brand so fully. It is essential for successful promotion, and it does more -- it can actually help you with decision making and become a compass for what direction you take your business! 

We'll also talk about how to apply your brand -- what is the best way to meet your audience? Options include developing a website that conveys who you are, creating print materials that draw in the clients you are looking for, and print ads which capture attention in targeted locations, I can even teach you a bit about what you need to know about social media and business. 

We can contract for any size project -- from sapling to sequoia -- so don't be afraid to reach out and start the conversation

My Clients

Many of my clients are small business owners and entrepreneurs, I also work with nonprofit organizations. These are all folks who are doing excellent work in the community and are ready to effectively bring their work into the light for the public to see.  

When we delve into your project, I'll help to clarify your business' distinct energy, and offer my creative and organizational skills to ensure that you get a product that you love in the timeframe that you need it. Learn more about me, and the clients I work with.

Ready to dive in? Contact me now.  


Photography for Small Business / Nonprofit Organizations

Good photographs reflect a successful brand. Images convey so much, and it's important to capture the right tone and voice in the photography you use for your website, brochures, paid ads, etc. 

It's all about giving potential clients a sense of what it's like to work with you, and to reinforce for existing clients what they love about your brand. We can capture the client's experience at your location or have an off-site photo shoot that shows the mood of your practice. 

Site Photography, Client Interactions, Class Photos, Small Events, Staff Photos 


Special Projects

  • Event posters
  • Patch logos
  • Display materials for tabling and trade shows
  • Online and print advertisement design
  • Brochures, rack cards, business cards
  • Single project graphic design requests
  • Podcast album art



You haven't seen everything yet. 

Don't miss the About page, where you can see my client list and learn more about who I am. Gain a sense of what it will be like to work with me! Are you ready to talk? You can contact me now to get the conversation going about YOUR graphic design needs...