Erika Was Here


I’m Erika Fryklepak. 

I am a graphic designer and a yoga teacher.

Most of the time these are two separate pair of boots, yet at times they fuse together. Perhaps one day they will meld together in a perfect soup. 


Women entrepreneurs and those in the healing trades tend to gravitate toward me for branding and website support. They have become my client niche. ALL of my clients are people who are living their purpose, doing work that is infused with purpose; work they feel called to do. I feel enlivened to support them to do it well, and to help them educate their audiences/clientelle about what is unique about their work.

Identifying what a business does, what makes it unique, and articulating their distinct values are the basis of my style of design. I solve problems for my clients and create beautiful things that reflect the important work they are doing. I love serving clients in this way. It's a creative collaboration with practical applications. 

If you choose to hire me, it will be me you work with, from initial conversations to presentation and finished materials in hand. That means when I create a design for you, it will be true to you and your business. Would you like support from me in this way? 


I also teach yoga and sacred dance. I thrive on creating groups of soul-seeking people, and helping them to breath, connect with self and others, and bring some inspiration to individuals. I have the honor and privilege of co-leading a teacher training program in the area through House of the Gathering Yoga School (HGYS). I also have my own little yoga studio I call Gnesen Yoga, out in Gnesen Township.

I have been teaching yoga since 2010, and have roots within the Himalayan Tradition of Hatha Yoga. I’ve taught over 1,000 hours of yoga and yogic lifestyle classes, workshops, and retreats in a variety of settings including studios, community centers, corporate settings, resorts, cabins in the woods, and private homes. Check me out…