Erika Was Here


Hello & welcome! I create visual and verbal brands for small business and entrepreneurs. And print materials that carry the message through. I also design beautiful and effective mobile/tablet responsive websites.

Erika Was Here Design can help you make YOUR mark on the world. 

I create beautiful and functional designs that help my clients' businesses move forward with confidence. Together, we can: 

  • Show customers what you can do for them
  • Differentiate your business from others in your industry
  • Communicate to clients / potential customers what your business stands for
  • Have professional, motivating materials to give to your leads
  • Articulate your unique message to the world


Brand has become an essential part of how the public identifies with the products/services and the people of an organization. Think of it as the personality of your business. How does your organization articulate that personality?

I have had the pleasure of helping a number of local small businesses gain clarity with their business through the branding process, and creating logos that are spot-on for their work. Visit my Brand Portfolio below. It will show you the variety of look/feel that visual branding can take on -- and tell you a little bit of the story of each of the businesses I have branded. 



Get their attention and keep it with mobile/tablet responsive design that is visually appealing and displays the information you want site visitors to see in an organized and effective way. See my website portfolio page to learn about each website project I've completed, and to find links so you can experience the websites yourself.  



My name is Erika Fryklepak. Identifying what a business does, what makes it unique, and articulating their distinct values are the basis of my style of design. I am solving problems for my clients and creating beautiful things that reflect the important work they are doing. I absolutely love serving clients in this way. It's a creative collaboration with practical application. 

If you choose to hire me, it will be me you work with, from initial conversations to presentation and finished materials in hand. That means when I create a design for you, it will be true to you and your business. Read more about the process

A bit about me in daily life:  I am livin' the dream with my family, just north of Duluth, Minnesota. My husband and I are up to our ears in our two big priorities: DIY home renovation projects, and much more importantly, helping our two little ones (5 years and 1.5 years) grow into the happiest, kindest, strongest people they can be. 

My yoga practice is a defining part of who I am and how I operate in day to day life. I have been teaching yoga since 2010 and love time spent on the mat and meditation cushion. Guiding others in their search for self-awareness and a sense of ease, while re-discovering it myself on a regular basis, is a fulfilling practice.

Learn more by connecting with me on LinkedIn, and contact me with project ideas for your business.