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Here is a list of the classes / retreats / trainings on the schedule. Iā€™d love to have you join me. I also am available for private sessions, read more below.

Gnesen Yoga

Punch cards are now available for Gnesen Yoga classes.


= $9 / class


= $32 with 2 month expiration ($8 / class)


= $70 with 4 month expiration ($7 / class)

All Levels Yoga

Tuesday evenings 6:30pm - 7:35pm

Yoga is beneficial for our bodies and minds, offering so much:  increased focus and awareness, reduced stress and muscle tension, increased flexibility and strength, reduced back/neck aches, reduced hip/shoulder pain. Yoga helps us establish healthy breathing habits, develop better posture, is an excellent cross-training practice, and offers relaxation techniques and a sense of wellbeing that we can take into our daily lives.

We practice gentle yoga, which includes stretching, breath work, strengthening postures, and opportunities to learn about yoga philosophy & Lifestyle. All levels of experience are welcome. This class is geared toward adults. Children are welcome (with the presence of a guardian) when they are ready to turn inward and practice. Bring your own yoga mat, and dress in clothes that allow you to move. Continued attendance is encouraged.

As with any movement practice, check with your doctor for approval before attending class. 


House of the Gathering Yoga School

YTT 250 ā€” Yoga Teacher Training Program

Erika Fryklepak is the co-lead trainer in the 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at House of the Gathering Yoga School.


For some, there is a desire for something deeper in their yoga practice. The House of the Gathering Yoga School (HGYS) Teacher Training Program emphasizes traditional yogic thought and meditation, supplemental coursework in Depth Psychology, the Classroom Without Walls philosophy, and seva. These aspects deepen the learning experience and thereby the practice, aiding in answering big questions that YOU may ask in the context of your practice and personal spiritual journey.

Time is spent learning postures, anatomy, yoga philosophy, and more. Students will be able to teach foundational techniques, including cueing, adjustments, modifications and variations. Students will leave the program with the basic knowledge required to begin to teach yoga on their own with confidence and awareness. 

Learn more about the program here. 


Private Sessions

Please inquire with interest, with an indication of the content you are interested in exploring. 

I am available for private sessions. Topics include, but are not limited to: 

Injury focused postures / asana:  for yoga students who have injuries or areas of chronic pain; excellent for people with specific concerns or healing goals. I can teach you modifications to classic postures (to avoid further injury and help you feel confident in your practice) as well as therapeutic yoga postures which can aid in reducing pain and tension.

Of course, I am also available to yoga students who do not have specific injuries to address, but simply want to explore particular poses on a one-to-one basis and more in depth. 

Breath work:  for yoga students who want to learn to breathe well. We begin life breathing well, but through life's traumas and challenges, we develop habits of holding that constrict our natural healthy breath. I can help you to unpack those patterns and find your way back to full healthy breathing. Breathing well has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, give us a sense of vitality and increased energy, and help us to think more clearly. It can positively affect our sleep, exercise, and bring contentment to our days. 

Meditation:  for yoga students who are interested in heightened focus and concentration, cultivating feelings of wellbeing, and the ability to adapt well to what life presents you. I can teach you the basics of meditation (tailored to your questions) including accessible styles of meditation, ways to develop (and maintain) a habit of meditation, and ways to make sitting for periods of time more comfortable. 

Available by appointment evenings, weekends, and some weekdays. Inquire for prices -- can vary based on the nature of the session:

90 minute session (required for first time private session clients)

60 minute session