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Branding Portfolio

Branding Portfolio

It requires a lot of trust to put your business in the hands of a graphic designer. I take that so seriously.


wisdom center for change ERIKA WAS HERE 2019 photoshoot sample.jpg

Wisdom Center for Change

Emily and Blaire Hysjulien hired me to perform a Full Brand Project with them, and capture a photo session.


Here is the logo that came out of the Full Branding Project. They also received a full report on target audience, avatars, “competition” and market placement, verbal branding, brand values, and more. The full branding process helps so much in giving an organization a great start with feet firmly on the ground and confidence of purpose. It also helps me understand the business so well, so I can create something PERFECT for them visually.

As you can see, the mark itself is sacred geometry and speaks beautifully to the integrative work these two TWINS do together to help their clients heal. Can you feel the humming vibration of this logo?! That's what it's like to be sitting with these healers.

They've integrated many modalities into Wisdom Center for Change in order to help people achieve individual healing goals. It is so unique to be able to address mind/body/spirit in an integrative way, through receiving acupuncture and mind body therapy in the same space!


It was a dynamic photo session because we wanted to capture a moment of each of the techniques they offer.

We started with a demo yoga class in Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga, then a meditation class, and from there moved into private sessions in Reiki, Esoteric Acupuncture, Acutonics, and Mind-Body Psychotherapy... a beautiful space and so many opportunities for healing.

House of the Gathering Yoga School

It is a huge honor to be the graphic designer selected for this wildly popular brand. The owner is a dear dear friend of mine, and I also co-teacher in the program.

As an ongoing client, I’ve created a lot for innovator and HGYS owner, Hilary Buckwalter-Kesti including two complete branding projects (2017 and 2019), numerous print ads, two full training manuals, t-shirt designs, branded teaching illustrations, photo sessions, a website, branded application forms, and more.


There is a whole lot of symbolism in this visual brand, which is so fun. Hilary Buckwalter-Kesti is the owner of House of the Gathering Yoga School. She has invited a collection of teachers to join her in fusing traditions and bringing in practices from various aspects of time and place to create something new and so relevant.


In designing the website, we discussed what was essential to communicate about the new school. What makes it unique? What do we need people to know? How do we want to SHOW them? I had the chance to photograph a class in process, and walk the grounds to capture the BEAUTY and essence of this space. Photography of a business and the people who operate and use the business is crucial to the way I design websites and materials -- it gives viewers the opportunity to experience a place before actually being there.

house of the gathering ERIKA WAS HERE 2019 hawkmoth logo sample.jpg
house of the gathering ERIKA WAS HERE 2018 ad samples.png

universe embodied ERIKA WAS HERE 2018 logo variations.jpg
universe embodied ERIKA WAS HERE 2018 web pages.jpg

Universe Embodied

Robin Stamp is a spiritual guide and yogic astrologer with a huge heart and a powerful intuition. He aspires to live his highest potential, and to help others awaken to theirs.

Working with Robin Stamp and Universe Embodied was an honor. I LOVE what we created, and this logo is one of my favorites!
By creating a highly unique and symbolism-rich identity and a website with a collection of images showing who Robin is in his practice, we are revealing the personality of Universe Embodied and sharing what Robin Stamp does. Which helps draw his site visitors to become clients/students.


What an honor to help this brand take visual shape and gain some verbal refinement in it’s presentation. This logo holds so much symbolism for the Yogic Astrology brand it represents. If you practice yoga, you might find some familiar imagery: the chakra colors on the trunk, the ajna lotus shape forming the “ears”, the sun framing the face, and of course, Ganesh himself.

Along with new photography we took from a mini-session on the shore of Lake Superior, we also used some existing headshots he had from his previous website. Having a variety of shots helped speed the process along so we could launch with quick turnaround, thereby he was able to share his new brand identity and website for a promotional opportunity he didn’t want to miss!
Take a look at the website we created together.


Here are more clients who have put their faith in my professional and creative work product for branding and logo design. Click on any of the logos below to learn their unique, individual stories…